How to deal with toxic MIL without being a bitch

Hi ladies I need help.

My MIL is a psychopath. Like i think she really is mentally ill and refuses to get help. Anyways, how do I be around her and still act like a lady without being a pushover?

My husband tells me to “fix my face” when I’m around her because I wear my emotions on my sleeve and she disgusts me.

I am trying to be the bigger person but every single conversation with her is incredibly dreadful and toxic. I don’t want to just go over to her house and sit on my phone like a bitch but as soon as she starts talking i want to punch her in the face.

She physically and emotionally abused my husband as a child and she still does. I hate seeing her and just hearing her voice makes me boil.

My husband does his due diligence and we visit her for birthdays and holidays but nothing more because he resents her also.

Today we are going to her house for her birthday and I am starting to feel animosity creep throughout me. I’m trying to stifle it but it’s hard.

Last time I saw her she asked me when I was going to go to a weight loss clinic (what the fuck?) I immediately shut her down but she’s off her rocker completely.

Hate her guts guys, you have no idea.