Feeling like a burden....

I work full time for a convience store chain. I love my job and have been with the company for over 5 years but lately I havent been very excited to come to work. Im 17 weeks pregnant and it has been pretty easy till recently. I have become extremly emotional, and a little depressed at times.

I have a Dr's note saying I am required to take a half hour lunch instead of my two 10 minute breaks. Everyone knows this and seems to be understanding about it. Well today I wanted to go take mt break since I was starting to feel hungry. There is only one other pwrson who can cover my break today. She made a big deal about having to cover for me. She said she knows it isnt my fault but doesnt understand why yhey arent training others to do what I do. All I had to say was honestly I'm just tired of everyone acting like it is such an inconvenience for me to take a half hour break. Why should I have to feel this way because they dont want to do their job. Like I'm sorry I'm pregnant and want to go eat so I can feed my growing baby!!!

Sorry its so long. Im just very upset about it and needed to vent to someone even if no one reads this lol.