Who has tried it?

Alexandria • Mommy of two beautiful 3year old boys and an angel 👼

I’ve seen so many posts about Geritol liquid and how there is “a baby in every bottle”. I did some research on it and figured it was worth a shot. I know it’s not made to help women conceive, but after 13 months TTC I’m willing to try anything. I’m taking it with My prenatal gummies and fertility tea right now.

Side note: My friend also told me to try cold medicine (has to have mucus thinner) around my ovulation week to thin my cervical mucus so the swimmers have an easier journey 😂. I did look it up and I guess it does help that lol.

How many of you have tired this to conceive?

What can I do to help it taste better? 🤢

When did you start taking it?

Please share your TTC stories! Would love to hear them all!

Much love and baby dust to all!✨

(Just ignore my lions onesie! Lol it’s a cold Sunday! ❄️🏉🦁vs🐬)