Advice for my first time having a miscarriage

Stephanie • Nurse, 22, 9/28/18👼, waiting on my 🌈

I had a miscarriage on the 28th of September at about 5 weeks along and the bleeding lasted for only about 7 days. This was my first miscarriage so I don’t really know what to expect to be normal for my body following it. I was wondering if you ladies could tell me about your experiences following a miscarriage.

I don’t know when to expect my ovulation or first period following this, but according to the app my ovulation day should have been the 14th, and I’ve been having crazy strong symptoms (Very tender breast, mild-moderate cramping daily, lightheadedness, and fatigue) a lot of the same symptoms I experienced my first time finding out I was pregnant. We had sex the 13th, so I don’t know maybe it’s possible, or maybe this is normal to feel after a miscarriage? But I didn’t have these symptoms directly after my miscarriage, they just started about a week ago

Am I just crazy... or is it possible to get pregnant that soon afterwards. I have a follow up tomorrow but I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts? Thanks ❤️