Baby starts daycare tomorrow! Am I forgetting anything in my notes?

I will be staying with him for the duration of his first week but want to keep notes in his cubby for new staff.


Diaper size: 2

Bottle Type: NUK Naturals newborn or medium flow

Feeding: Breastmilk. Baby is exclusively breastfed. Mom is working with a lactation specialist, trying to increase her pumping output, until then, he can have formula mixed with his breastmilk. He should have breastmilk with every meal, this is very important to me.


Formula Type: Similac Pro Advanced - it’s silver


Sleeps on back

No blankets

Only nap in the swaddle + a long sleeved onesie we have provided with arms out (he can roll). We have had a very hard time with sleep at home, we have finally developed sleep habits that are working for him. We would like stay as consistent with daycare / home sleep as possible.


He can easily roll from belly to back

Very close to rolling from back to belly

He propels himself forward

He’s trying hard to sit up

No binky please

Moms phone number:

Dads phone number:

Emergency Contact / Alternative pickup person:

Carrie ******