Need personal opinions.


So me and my fiance are having major issues. Been going on for awhile now. After the lost of 5 babies, we are pregnant again and everything is looking good so far. But my relationship is not. Back in May, he started messaging other girls, got a hot or not account, and basically cut me out. He plays his video games the whole time he is home from work. I don't get any attention. I work, come home, cook, clean, wash clothes, pay bills, and try to spend time with him, but he either ignores me or tells me to move.

I'm honestly at my breaking point. He doesn't want me spending money on things I need or want, but told me today he was going to get a tattoo Monday. I told him we dont have the funds, we need to save money, that we have a baby on the way, and that basically we couldn't afford him to get a tattoo right now.

He got pissed off and we started fighting. Telling me I couldn't tell him what he could or couldn't do with HIS money.

He wouldn't let me out the house, and when i said something about calling the cops, he laughed and said where would you go?

I feel like he doesn't want to be with me anymore. And I was going to leave when I found out he was talking to this girl names Danielle. But 3 days later found out I was pregnant, and we both agreed to try and make things work for the baby. But nothing has changed.

I do EVERYTHING for this man just to be ignored, and pushed to the back burner. Just to have my wants, and needs ignored.

I know I'm beyond stupid for staying, but my grandmother always told me, if you love something you fix it. You don't throw it to the dogs. So I'm trying, but I'm the ONLY one trying.

He is right. I have no where to go. I'm 7hrs away from my family, and all my friends have families of their own, so I don't want to be a burden. He told me if I left I couldn't have the car, although it's in both our names... And i couldn't ask my family to drive here when they are struggling. I don't make enough to live on my own.

I am fed up with this relationship, but don't know how to leave where i wont be homeless. I just don't know what else to do...