What more can we do?


I need advice. Or sympathy. Not sure which haha

My husband and I have been ttc for now 21 months.

We are both very healthy, dont smoke, drink etc. We eat our homegrown beef, milk, yogurt from our cow, I have a giant garden that I preserve for the winter, and eat next to no processed foods. Aka we eat good and healthy!

I had a miscarriage in June, and was convinced I was pregnant this month as my period was late and i had the same feelings i had when i was pregnant this spring. But nope, not pregnant.

Weve tried the preseed, I know when I ovulate and have used OPK'S to confirm it.

I try SO hard to be just content and patient because I do believe we will get pregnant when the timing is right. Even though my head knows all this, my heart doesnt, and it's just a roller coaster of emotions. (And aside from this, I am NOT emotional!)

Because I did get pregnant once, its sorta restarted our ttc timeline again but It still hurts to have another month pass with another empty uterus.

So at what point did you all go to the drs for further advice or help? We live 3hrs from a dr, so its not some where we can just zip down to...

Or anyone have suggestions on what else we can try?

Thanks in advance