7 weeks pregnant with my first..how to tell my stepdaughter


Little back story on our family. My stepdaughter is almost 11 now and I started dating her dad when she was 4. So I’ve been a part of her life for a while. My husband and I got married on 9/30/2017 and got engaged on 3/21/2017..I have always had a strong bond with my stepdaughter up until a couple of years ago. Her mother is insecure about the relationship I have with my stepdaughter and it’s been a very tough journey. When my husband and I told my stepdaughter that we were getting married, well she cried and wanted nothing to do with our wedding. Definitely not the reaction we have expected, unbeknownst to us her mother had told her that when her father and I got married that we would send her away and replace her with our own child and she would never se her father again. Which is total bull and we would never. I tried my hardest to include her in our wedding planning and she wasn’t interested. Given her response to us getting married I’m unsure how to approach her about the fact that we are having a baby. I am finally in a better place with her and I fear that it will ruin the progress I’ve made with her. However, I really want her to be apart of this process, I know she will be an amazing big sister.