Depression ?

I'm 8weeks today.

My moods are all over the place, causing strain in all my relationships.

My husband won't get "excited", until we get back genetic testing. So we don't talk about this pregnancy.(history of a T21 pregnancy that ended in second trimester)

My job is high strain. On the floor and advocating for new nurses all day.

My friends are all single or we are just so busy it's hard to find time to talk let alone get together.

I feel alone.

I almost want to walk away from my marriage from my job from people in my life that I thought were friends.

I don't know how else to discribe this feeling besides alone.

And I'm not sure what's me or hormones or actual problems.

Is anyone else more blue when you should be "happy". I feel like I am self sabotaging my own happiness with problems that don't exist.

I hate this feeling.

(Disclaimer, I'm not suicidal or anything like that😑😶 just lost in waves of emotions)