I can’t anymore


Currently crying 😢 In bed , my hubby is watching tv I don’t want him to see me crying but I can’t anymore my heart is so broken . I want this baby so much and I don’t know why is giving me so much hard time . I don’t know why god has to be like this with me, I didn’t hurt anyone 😟. I did my second


on October 12 but I don’t want to take a test I am tired of it. We had more than 2 years trying and dealing with male issue. There were only 4 million,better than the first one but not enough to be positive. I always have sore boobs when I expect my periods and I do have them now and I don’t think I am pregnant. This is hurting me so much, I don’t want to cry in front of him. I feel very bad when I hear other friends are pregnant, I can’t anymore, I am so depressed 😔😟