Back with more questions. I’m never gonna get this. 😩



We’re on our 6th cycle ttc. I have been charting since July. I haven’t had much luck with OPK’s so my doc said to skip them this month. I still used the cheap ones and it sure looked positive on CD17. I tested later that night and the next day and the line was pretty faint. Assumed my surge was over. I’ve had a couple mixed reviews and it’s driving me nuts not really knowing. My temps seem like they’re all over the place due to a horrible bout with insomnia. Hard to know if the temps are accurate when only sleeping an hour or two at a time. My temp really spiked around the O time and is still up but dropped .89 degrees today but still above cover. I haven’t seen that in the past. Not sure what that means. Could you please take a look at my chart and tell me what you think? Thank you. 10/23/18, Update below.

Here’s 7dpo according to glow. Looks nothing like my 3 previous charts. Implantation dip maybe? Any thoughts?