Femur is short


I had a growth scan last Wednesday and was told the femur was measuring short. The sonogram two weeks prior was in the 37th percentile for femur size and then this last week it was in the 8.9th percentile. The doctor said it could have been a margin of error on the scan, the tech was different than last time, the baby could be short or it could have other serious implications. Either way there isn’t anything we can do but she was obligated to tell us.

After freaking out for the entire 24 hours following that, I spoke to my doctor on the phone to get further clarification. She said all organs are healthy and working properly. The head and belly are perfectly normal. The femur is a hard measurement to take but either way it needs to be monitored.

Thing is, I’m 39 weeks. I go back on Wednesday but they will only be doing a heart monitor. The next sonogram won’t be until the following week and if I go into labor before then, no scan.

I’ve read a bunch of posts online about not to freak out but I haven’t seen much on this app about it. Has anyone else been told this? Has anyone else had experience with this?