Growing distant

I really feel like I'm growing distant to my partner, he does everything for my daughter and I, like everything. He pays for us for stuff, picks her up from school, spends time with her just cause he wants to. And always treat us the way a woman and her daughter should be treated.

But for awhile now, I just don't feel it anymore. He goes to hold my hand, I back off, he leans in for a kiss, a just give him a quick kiss back, he tries to be intimate and I say I'm too tired.

We've only been together for 6 months but he says he loves me, he's gotten me a promise ring, diamond to be exact. Says one he's gonna marry me, that we will live happily ever after but I just don't see it.

He also has anxiety like really bad, but started seeing a counselor after we got together cause he says he finally cares about his life enough to see one all because of the love he feels for me.

I feel like I'm fucked cause if i leave he's gonna break down like hardcore. But if i stay, I'm gonna be unhappy...

This sucks πŸ’”πŸ’”