2 year old sense pregnancy?

Jennifer • 37yo Married mama of three little boys 10,8, and 2! Trying for our #4 caboose to the family.

So I read tons of posts about toddlers sensing pregnancy and being super clingy but I wondered if anyone has ever had one just become suddenly super loving and good? I know it’s a long shot but my son just turned two. He’s super busy and always moving but the last two days (between 6-8dpo) he’s been super loving. As in climbing on me and laying down with me. Climbing into the chair to sit with me and sitting for long periods of time which he never does. He has also been ridiculously good. He’s barely crying and hasn’t pitched a fit in days which is totally abnormal since he’s in the terrible twos. I didn’t think we stood a chance on getting pregnant this month since my hubs was out of town when I got my peak day but we had sex a couple days before hand when I had a high read on my opk. Now I’m wondering if anyone else has ever had this happen. I’m still leaning towards not pregnant but now I’m intrigued lol. Has anyone else ever noticed a more loving toddler before finding out you’re pregnant?