Misscarriage loss


My heart breaks for any woman who lost they're baby I miscarried in August and I'm still bleeding. We kept going to doctor appointments and getting the same new to come back your baby isint big enough and I was suppose to be measuring 10 weeks. On our last visit I was told theyre was never a baby developing inside the sac. And if we would have had a viable pregnancy than most likely it would have down syndrome or never make it passed 2 months. My heart stopped that day. Me and boyfriend had already loved that baby so much and our world is still crushed. Were not trying again until we both are mentally financially prepared for it. I pray that anyone who is going through this right now gets the comfort they need. I'm blessed that I never heard a heartbeat or this pain on me probably would have been worse. I'm also looking for anyone who wants to talk to me. I honestly need some friends to help me get through this and to help yall get through it too. Were strong ladies!!!