Heart Rate Accelerating


I’m so sad.

This week I was feeling faint and just not myself. I also happened to get blood work for the glucose test done Tuesday (passed flying colors yay) but it also revealed that I became anemic.

Ok I focused on eating more meat, vitamins etc.

My Apple Watch however has been giving me alerts all week about my heart rate. Like five times a day and I’m not doing anything but working at my desk.

I called my OBGYN about it and he wants me to go to the hospital on Monday to get an EKG. Then he’s gonna check with his cardiologist friends to see if it’s “safe” to put me on a low dose of beta blockers. He said it normally causes low birth weight but that since I’m young and in my third trimester he thinks it’s ok.

I don’t want to call out of work again, I am tired of being sick. I also don’t want to take medicine I feel stupid for even calling him about it. He was like hopefully you’ll be ok over the weekend. What? I didn’t think it was even a big deal.

Between this, my brand new back problems, throwing up every day and being newly anemic I just am getting worried.

I’ve never had any health issues my whole life why does it have to happen now when I have a baby growing that I want to be ok.

And why can’t my pregnancy be normal, I have to work and this is making it impossible.

Sigh 😔