Lily • What goes around, comes around.

I’m sorry if this is long. Let’s start at the beginning- I’m 24 years old with my first pregnancy/ first child- I’m officially 40 weeks and 6 days as of today.

I never thought I would be this late but I guess that’s just how things are. Yesterday I started leaking fluid which was clear, didn’t have much smell to it and continued to leak even after I had emptied my bladder- wiped myself and cleaned up. My gut told me something is wrong and I should probably go in to get checked. I asked for others opinions to make sure I wasn’t going crazy - as a FTM I thought I could be losing my damn marbles.

I took in others opinions on here (which thank you to those who commented!!). I waited until my hubby came home, when he came home I told him what’s happening but decided to wait a bit so I took a bath- I was still leaking and I could feel it when I was in the bath tub, when I got out and an hour after that as well.

We decide it’s time to go in- we grab our bags and put them in the truck. Luckily for us, we are only 10 minutes away from the hospital. We get checked in, we go up the floors to where L&D are. We talk to them and get set up on a monitor to watch baby’s heartbeat and contractions- still leaking -at this point I’ve got through 4 panties and 3 pairs of pants because I’ve leaked so much through my pads. They swab my insides. Do a sweep and come back saying that they couldn’t find anything indicating it’s sac fluid.

I’m disappointed. I’m confused. I’m worried.

Now my anxiety kicks in.

I don’t know what’s happening but I know somethings wrong. They clear me to go home- we’ve spent a good 3 hours there. We go home and bring our hospital bags back inside.

I put on another pad when home. Sit down and relax- maybe it is nothing? No. Wrong. After a while I go to bed with a new pad- I get up 3 hours later. My pad is soaked as my underwear and pj pants are- it’s 2am at this point and I’m exhausted. Contractions off and on but not strong. Weird. Sometimes I hardly noticed them. I take a bath and can still feel leakage. Now I’m irritated and tired.

Luckily I had an appointment today at the hospital- around 9am. So I wait it out. Going through more pads, underwear and pants as I sit and wait. I get ready, hubby does too- then we go to our appointment- I tell the nurse that’s working what’s going on. She gives me a look- a concerned look.

“Are you wearing a pad?”

Yes I am

“Okay we’ll get you to take it off and I’ll grab a sample from it then in around 20 mins we will see what’s happening”


I do what she’s asked of me, she then hooks me up to the monitor and leaves the room with the sample. She comes back a bit after and tell me “so what I’m seeing on the slide is amniotic fluid, so we are going to skip your ultrasound and get you prepped in the room across the hall so we can do blood tests and get you started on induction because we don’t want baby in there without fluid for too long and your body doesn’t seem to be kicking itself into labor on it’s own”

Okay great. So now I’m waiting around for them to induce me.

My point is if something doesn’t feel right, then you need to stick to your gut feelings. Don’t let doubt change your mind. Don’t let people change your mind. If you feel something is wrong, it’s better to get checked out to be safe. That’s what the people are here for, that’s their job. there is nothing wrong with not knowing and then going to get checked by the professionals. It’s a safety and health concern if you wait too long. Don’t ever be scared of going in for help. You going in could save your unborn child’s life.