34 +5 week appt


Appt at 34+5 weeks with a cervical check. I complained of nausea and diarrhea (started this morning), as well as pressure on my lower abdomen that I've been feeling for about a week and a half.

OB said I'm 2cm dilated but still thick. Which is where I'm supposed to be at this stage. He said he doesn't think I'll make it to 39 weeks even still. He thinks 37 or 38. And that he could feel baby girls head.

Also said if I go into labor, they wouldn't try and stop it.

I didn't think to ask why it was normal to be 2cm, so I googled. This isn't my first baby, so technically I was dilated 1cm prior to even being pregnant.

I forgot how much I hate cervical checks, it's like it got dusted off and now I'm super aware of it. Its irritated!

And babygirl has been super active since my body decided to "clean house" this morning and seems to be aggravating the pressure I'm feeling.