Please tell me it isnt just me!?!

I am 29 weeks with non identical twins and everything hurts!!!

I thought i was going to love being pregnant (especially as it took us so long to get pregnant) but all i want is for the babies to come out.

I am in pain all the time, back, legs, feet ache. I am so swollen, i can only wear flip flops. Walking is painful.. and sleeping well i am up every hour either needing a wee or from the twins having a party. My bump is so big i cant even put my own knickers on i have to get help from my husband (beyond sexy - NOT), if i drop anything on the floor well forget it, thats where it lives now..

I am so tired sometimes all i can do is sit and cry..

I feel horrible wishing pregnancy to end and for them to be here.

Please tell me i am not alone here?