Craaazzzy and hella stressed


Ok well where do i start im 18 weeks pregnant i work doing in home care services my patient is paralyzed so i feed her bathe her open her mail etc . well anyways i started this job a week ago she has a 30 year old daughter that lives with her shes had a problem with me since i started she stares at me hard with the meanest mug ill be cooking for her mom in the kitchen shell b in there just next to me just staring since day 1 i felt like shes gunna do something to me and yesterday it happend her mom told me can u please check on my daighter shes out side can u offer her sone food that u made so i didand shes starts calling me a bitch a whore a nigger and then pulls a knife out on me here i am running for my life she wouldnt even look at me just at my stomach i called 911 when she pulled out the knife then she chased me down the street and here i am holding my belly and crying histerical for help to the 911 operator they hung up and didnt send anyone at all. Her daughter is mentally unstablea cop called me 5 hours after the incident i feel so stressed that no one evem cared not even the father of my child. I just feel overwhelmed with life and oh i quit that job life is more important than that job. Just needed to get this off my chest