Should I just do it?

Justice • son born 12-9-16👦 missed miscarriage 7-12-17 at 10 weeks👼 blighted ovum 2-5-18👼baby girl born 11-25-18👧

My 2 year old wants to potty train. He keeps trying to take his clothes off and diaper and get on the potty . It’s constant he won’t leave the diaper alone. I’m 35 weeks pregnant so I wanted to wait till after baby was born because I was afraid of him regressing. But it’s getting so bad that I can’t leave him alone or he will tear the diaper off and squat on the ground and try to pee into anything that looks like one of those potties from the store since he has one of those too that I got for when it came time. But today he has tried maybe 4 times to pull his diaper off and “ go potty”, he also chases me to the bathroom and says “ yay mom potty” and clap for me. So I’m thinking maybe I just need to bite the bullet and start potty training this weekend? What do you ladies think?