Azoospermia and Positive OPK


We recently found out on 10/18 that my SO has Azoospermia. We have an appointment in 10/29 for infertility consultation and then another on 11/15 to see a Urologists. I can't wait honestly to have a more thorough explanation and what can be done... all we heard on 10/18 was "Your sperm is at 0 so look into seeing a Urologist" and that's it.

Well today I'm coming close to ovulating ☹️ I took vitex to regulate my cycle (it's been regular but the past 4 cycles have been a mess) and look

My heart is Hurting. I had 2 previous pregnancies before my SO. I had a healthy baby boy who passed away due to SIDS and then suffered from a Miscarriage that same year he passed... now I'm with someone who understands me and truly loves me and this has to happen ...

I pray for Good News on Monday or on 11/15 to do something...

One way or another we will have a baby in our home in 2019 ❤️ If it carries both our DNA, just Mine or Neither of ours ... there will be a baby in our home who will see us both as His/Her parents and we will love him/her so much.