Not the typical husband wife bicker.

Hey ladies. So ever since I’ve know my hubby we have argued over how warm or cold the house and cars are. Which hasn’t been major but now it’s getting to be a huge problem. He will turn the heater off if it’s set to 70 and when the temp goes below that I feel so cold I feel I’ll. Like no joke. He will yell at me and tell me to wear more clothes. I wear pants and a shirt. But if he kept it at his temp it would be 65 and I would no joke need a snow suit. If he had it his way we wouldn’t use the heater at all and if I had my way it would be 75 degrees all year long. Has anyone had similar issues with their spouse and has a medical condition one one side or the other? I’ve always been cold but now it’s much worse I always feel super sick because I’m so cold. I’ve been tested for anemia and thyroid disorders but both were normal. I’m not sure which one of us is out of the norm (seems like me.) I can not live in a snow suit. And that’s not exaggerating.

I’d love to hear any conditions or tests for either of us to try so we can hopefully resolve our issue.