What should I do?


Hey guys,

I've drawn a pic which I'll put below.

I'm 22w 5 days pregnant. I'm high risk because I have hashimotos (but I'm currently medicated and monitored every couple months, although I'm aware that they should be testing me every 4 weeks)

Little one has been moving fairly regularly, although a week ago she had a couple quieter days.

I'm not constipated, I've been eating regularly too. No fever, I've been a bit more tired than normal the past couple days. I've not hurt myself recently, no UTI, unusual discharge or bleeding. I'm drinking plenty water.

For the past 2 or 3 days I've been having pretty sore, kind of crampy, period like pain to the right of my pubic area. It's not constant, but has been on and off for a couple days now, getting particularly bad in the evening.

I've tried a warm shower, hot water bottle and taking a paracetamol but it's still there and it's getting pretty uncomfortable at times.

I figured it was ligament pain, but I would appreciate any response from those who have been pregnant before, to either put my mind at ease or give me some advice on what to do?

I've got a midwife appointment on the 29th so I could mention it to her then if you think I should? Thank you in advance for any responses.