New nap issues


Hi! My 3.5 month old used to fall asleep wherever for naps during the day when she got tired. Then at about 3 months that stopped, I thought because she was getting more engaged so maybe doesn’t want to miss out or is too interested in things? I now have to rock her to sleep and put her down asleep, she won’t fall asleep in the swing or any device like before, just being held.

The weird thing is that we put her down awake for bedtime at night and she still is fine with that. I’ve tried putting her down for the nap drowsy and she just hangs out in her bassinet awake and won’t sleep. I know it’s not good to get her used to rocking to sleep but felt it was more important for her to get some daytime sleep and not start messing up her nighttime by being overtired. I try to get her to nap as soon as she starts giving tired cues, but maybe that’s too late by then? We still eat on demand as well which is every 2-2.5 hours and she’s EBF.

I’m about to go back to work so also feel bad leaving my MIL with this new rocking to sleep task! Sorry for the long post, any advice greatly appreciated 😬