Why does family not acknowledge the second child??

I don’t know if anyone else experienced this but my family was so happy and excited about our first and now it seems like they could care less. We haven’t gotten anything for this baby besides a few things from my parents and sister. My in laws sent a card saying “best wishes” (they are something else)!! It’s just makes me sad. I know my daughter won’t ever know this but this baby should be celebrated just like our first. They are such a blessing. I’m just not sure if anyone else went through this?? And what your thoughts are?? Also, it’s not really about gifts we can afford anything we want to get our girls. It’s just sad my daughter has things from her great grandparents and grandparents or aunts and uncles and my second daughter doesn’t have anything. Little things like that make me sad. Like she doesn’t matter as much. Maybe it’s the post pardum blues but it’s got me feeling sad today.

Also, I totally get people probably think oh she has a girl she probably has everything, and I do have most things. We did a new nursery for my daughter and the whole 9. But it’s still would be nice for her to have some meaningful gifts from family like my first daughter received.

Small edit: it’s also not just about gifts. Only my sister has come to visit the baby. When everyone was in a hurry to come see our first. In laws, my mother and my grandmother. And my father and step mom. No one (besides my sister) has asked to come or has acted interested in coming to see the baby. So it’s not just about gifts or keepsakes. It’s about the overall feeling in getting with the second child.