Need honest opinions

So last nite I was looking at who my bf follows on IG when I noticed he followed about 3 private “hot xxx girls. 18+” kinda shit. Well I got really upset

BUT not bc he was looking at porn. I truly don’t care about that. I watch porn. But bc he’s following it on his public social media account where we have many mutual friends and he has my sister and mom as followers. So they could easily look and see that. I feel like that would not only make him seem kinda pathetic or gross to need to see naked chicks so bad you can’t do it privately and that it also shows disrespect towards me and possibly may make ppl think he’s not satisfied with our sex life (which isn’t the case. I know this for a fact)

I even told him you know I don’t care if you look at porn. (I caught him the other day and teased him bout it, then we had sex. ) but why does he need to do it on IG? And he was a dick about it. Laughing like I’m just crazy and idk.

Keep in mind I had been drinking and did not go about this discussion the mature or kind way.

Anyway I wanna know, pls be honest, if this was you and your LONG TERM boyfriend (5+ years. He wants to get married. Asked 2 years in but I’m not ready.) would you feel the way I do?

Or am I being unreasonable???