Leann • Waylon Kolt 03/30/20💜💜

So it all started about a month ago.... my now ex-husband started texting and trying to hang out with a supposed old friend of his.....well I have only met this female once and us three have never hung out so I definitely wasn’t comfortable with this female especially since he straight up told me that he was LEAVING work to go “check” on her. Now, I’m not a jealous person and he practically did whatever he wanted to, but something about the situation wasn’t right in any way... so we ended up getting in a fight that night and he went over to her house after leaving work early. When he came home he got straight in the shower which was very odd.... so we talked and I felt as though I expressed my feelings very clear. Well, the next day he claims they were getting off work at 1 so I was to be dressed and ready to go out on a date....my inner self was excited thinking our talk helped....well fast forward to us in the car and I’m going through is music on his phone to find a song to jam to and a text from her popped up asking “is it done?” So naturally I was curious as fuck and my adrenaline starts pumping and so I click on her messages and you can tell that some text were deleted and so I kept asking about it and he kept lying....well we are in the restaurant and we just ordered our drinks and he starts talking some shit about how he isn’t in love with me and all this bullshit (keep in mind his lazy ass wouldn’t get a job for 3 years and wouldn’t help me with shit!!!) well I tell him I want to go home so we get to the car and I told him to just say the words and like the fucking coward he is he put his head down and and said “I want a divorce”. Fast forward to last week....the dumb bitch he left me for and cheated with is on METH!!! He is already telling her he loves her and all this bullshit. I swear I am sick of shot like this!

Sorry for the long post I just needed to vent.... I was ready to start a family with this fucking idiot! We had been trying for almost a year!!