Baby Drank Alcohol?!

UPDATE: My 2 year old was fine after an hour, she says she gave my 10 month old some so they had me watch my 10 month old for another hour. Poison Control called back after the time was up and said they were fine and to go ahead with our normal routine. I had my friend who is a paramedic come over and watch them, he said they were fine too & said I was over reacting. He thought it was funny too 🙄. I stayed up all night constantly checking up on them, so none of us got any sleep. If this makes anyone feel better, I will never have alcohol in my own house or near my kids again. I was surprised she could even twist the plastic off of the bottle 😭 but she thought it was her cream sodas & root beers (in the glass bottles) that we have at home. Poor girl.

I’m watching my moms house for the night while she leaves town. She had wine in the fridge. 2 little 12-16 oz bottles. Barefoot moscato. My 10 month old is asleep in the playpen, my 2 year old in the chair, just barely woke up. I get in the shower thinking they’d be okay. I get out and check on my kids and my baby is now awake and standing up and my toddler has an empty bottle in her hand. I freak out and run to her and ask what she did with it. She showed me she poured it on the porch. I asked her if she drank it she nodded. She showed me where she got it. From the fridge. I rang poison control they said to watch her and for an hour and ring back if she shows symptoms of intoxication. Idk if she gave my baby any. I asked her, she nodded but I think she’s just scared because if she did there would be alcohol in the playpen right? I’m feeding both the kids little bread snacks. Pizza rolls, etc. im freaking out. Poison control said not to take them to the Er and just watch them. I called their father and he laughed but I’m crying and worried. What do I do. The alcohol content was .9 per volume