Is there still hope?


My daughter had extreme difficulties gaining weight. Between her acid reflux and then a drop in my supply we eventually switched to soy formula (she's milk intolerant) because I just wasn't making enough. And she really struggled at first so I had no time to pump. I tried as long as I could but eventually gave up. She got better though and started gaining great. But now her reflux medicine isn't working anymore and she's spitting up so much. She didn't spit up on my milk but it's been 2 or 3 weeks since I last pumped. Checked by hand expressing and immediately got a few drops, but not much. Pumping couldn't get it at all. But if I keep hand expressing as often as I can will it eventually boost back up? She actually takes regular naps during the day now so I would have a chance to pump when needed now if only I can get my supply back. I've been looking at lactation boosting drops, teas, and cookies. Any tips, recommendations, advice, anything? As long as I'm still producing at least some, is there still a chance?