Are any of these a sign of pregnancy?

AF if due in 5-9 days

I never break out even before/during AF...

So these are what I’m experiencing right now

Greasy face and acne all over face (moderate)

( greasy enough that if I touch my face then my phone my phone looks disgusting) WHICH NEVER HAPPENS, my face is normally pretty dry or in the middle

Right pelvic pain (pain is low)

Cramps (again, low pain)

Slight diarrhea

Slight nausea but not enough to say I’m nauseous

A huge appetite

(I’ll say I’m full then will keep eating..) I’m only 109lbs and don’t have an eating problem

I’m slightly fatigue and my eyes have been burning/have red spots even though I’ve been sleeping all night and INTO the afternoon.. (wtf?)

I think my nipples have gotten darker but I can only tell in the shower so I’m not sure if I’m seeing things.