Confused & frustrated

(A little long ) I’m currently Almost 3 months pregnant with my second baby & a different dad me and him had a great bond and was very close and acted as if we were boyfriend and girlfriend but We never made it an official relationship , when he found out he got me pregnant by mistake he was not happy at all about it he wanted me to get rid of it , eventually about a week after he told me to get rid of it I told him I couldn’t cause I thought it was wrong .... he proceeded to tell me that I was never ever going to be his girlfriend & he never had intentions on me being anything more then a fuck buddy and a friend also that he doesn’t want me in his life forever and told me basically we were just friends , he bashed me and told me he didn’t want to be my second baby daddy basically and a lot of other hurtful things ......anyways he says he doesn’t have any feelings or anything towards me and he doesn’t want anything but the other day I tried to stop talking to him to focus on me and I told him what he does is his business & what I do is mine & vice versa ..... & he instantly said “hell no “ I don’t want you talking to anyone else and your not going to be with anyone and that this was my last baby ... I like him so much but I’m just so confused 🤦🏽‍♀️ & Iknow I shouldn’t given everything he said but I would really want it to work with us , I tried talking to him I just don’t know anymore