I need advice. Is this normal?

Me and my husband got married in August.. we took a break in September for 2 weeks because he wasn’t happy and didn’t want to have the responsibility for a baby. I’m 32 weeks pregnant now and he said he’s willing to give us a chance but he is very persistent on him not loving the baby saying he knows himself and he will not love him. He says he’s too young and doesn’t want to waste his life (he’s 21) he doesn’t want to talk about the baby and finds him moving weird and gross. He calls the baby, my baby. He says he loves me and that’s the reason he’s willing to wait and see if he does love him. From the moment we found out I was pregnant he was not happy. I’m scared he actually won’t love the baby. He loves his chihuahua more than anything, he is very protective of her. That’s why I think he will be different once he’s here. He also finds his brothers baby cute. I need advice. Is it normal for men to feel this way?