Scary night *Updated*

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So I was getting up off the recliner and I had a sharp pain in my hip. I just took it for a sore muscle and thought nothing of it. Then I tried to stand straight up and walk and couldn't. It hurt so bad. Went to the ER where we live and they instantly sent me to L&D at our hospital an hour away. They hook me up to the machine and I'm contracting like every 3 minutes and some of them are so super strong. They have me taking Procardia and gave me the first dosage of Steroid shots. Tomorrow I have to go back to L&D after my baby shower to get the second dosage. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm 33 weeks pregnant and 2 days now. Does mean baby is going to come early? They checked and I'm still long but soft and he said it was fingertip size opened, so he just said put it as "closed". I'm due December 13th and I'm really worried now that little boy is going to come very early now....

Update (10-27-18) So the Procardia is working and stabilizing the contractions so they aren't as close together, but I'm only allowed to take that until 35 weeks and I turn 34 weeks on Thursday. So then its babys Choice on if he wants to come out. When the dosage wears off and before I can take another one/it kicks in, the contractions are strong and painful. So honestly dont think he'll be making it to December. I had my second steroid shot today, so at least we are prepared a little more.