Help please!!!!

So it’s been 16 months TTC I feel pregnant in March only to have a MMC in April.... my due date is coming up and I feel sad and lonely and I just want to cry as we have been trying ever since and nothing!!

Went to the doctors and he has agreed to start some fertility testing he asked me to book bloods a week after I think I ovulated... I was pretty sure I’m ovulating now all normal symptoms had no OPK so kind of had to guess. Me and my partner DTF this morning. I went to the toilet after and had a lot of brown discharge. I’m having some cramps so I think I skipped ovulation AGAIN! And it went straight to AF which has screwed me over for the doctors! I read it could be ovulation bleeding? I’ve never ever had this before can any one help? My Last period was the 10th -15th of this month.

Thanks girls xxxx