Should I take a pregnancy test?

I was on low dosage birth control for a month. My boyfriend and I have sex without a condom at first and when he feels like he’s close to his climax, he’ll put on a condom. Not the best and safest way, I know. We only had sex around 6 times within the entire month. I stopped taking my pills two weeks ago because I don’t really like taking them daily so i’d probably switch to another contraceptive. My boyfriend and I were both pretty busy so we didn’t have sex very often after I stopped taking my pills. We had sex again the 19th and again the 25th of October.

I was supposed to get my period a week ago or so. I’m “10 days late” but my period is usually a couple days late from the “expected date of arrival” I usually always have spotting around the expected date though, this time I haven’t had any.

Do you think I should take a pregnancy test? Do you think my period is delayed because of the birth control?


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