Are my feelings justified

I feel justified in telling my SO that he needs to tell his friend to be more respectful but he says I’m over reacting it was just a laugh. My SO came home and he had a long time friend and their SO with him. My SO was drunk and we were play wrestling but it got weird to me when his friend was like bite her on the neck and fuck her good. I was like what then he said something about us slapping each other and me getting fucked hard again and then goes stick your fingers down her throat and choke her while you in it then replace your fingers with your dick. I don’t feel like any of that should have been said about me from someone who has their SO right there but she was zoned out so i don’t think she payed attention to what he was saying b/c my SO was drunk so i know he wasn’t really listening for a long time b/c he was still wrestling with me but when it was getting a lil to serious and we were slapping each again he said something else but my SO joined in on that last joke and i said to not do that but now he acts like there was nothing wrong with the situation and I’m over reacting