Sharing good news, in the hopes it may help someone else

Hi ladies,

I just wanted to share that, during my first <a href="">IVF</a> cycle, we had 1 - day 5 blastocyst to send off for PGS, out of 15 - day 3 embryos. We were confused, and worried that something was inherently wrong with sperm/egg (which is possible). We just got our day 5 update from our second <a href="">IVF</a> cycle this morning, and got 8 blastocysts, with the possibility of more tomorrow to send for PGS testing! When I was desperately searching for others’ experiences online after our first cycle, I didn’t find a lot of information, so I just wanted to post this, in the event it may give someone out there hope. On to the next hurdle... 🤞🏻