I’m Beyond Devastated

Lex • Muggle Born

I was trying not to get too excited I was late because it happens especially when it was only 2 days but I woke up with sharp pains at like 4:30am and went to the bathroom and had dark brown spotting that’s when I knew I had a chemical pregnancy. I cried in the bathroom for like an hour to myself and then went to lay back down with my boyfriend. Now I woke up at 10:40am and it’s full on bleeding.

I called my doctor just to be sure but it’s happened before. I mean I should take solace in the fact that at least I am fertile and can have kids. But I am so devastated I’m just crying on the bathroom floor I don’t even know how my boyfriends going to react. Losing his first child almost killed him. I just feel like such a failure. I lost my baby. I don’t know how to not think about it. I’m so devastated I can’t truly put it into words. My heart is so heavy today.