31 weeks and cant wait but slightly freaking!

Kayla • ❤️Adalynns Mommy Dec 2018 ❤️ USMC Wife 🇱🇷

So who else is going through this period of slightly freaking out knowing soon you'll be having a baby! I'm 32 weeks in 2 days and it's so hard to believe in 5 weeks basically I'll be full term and baby will be ready to go at anytime (hopefully not before hand). We are so ready to meet her but I know she needs a little bit longer but it's so exciting yet nerve racking that were so close and I feel like I need to do everything now to prepare. In my mind I'm like I need more onesies, I need extra socks, few things still need washed, when do I pack my hospital bag, what if she doesn't wait at least another 5 weeks, car needs cleaned and car seat needs to be installed, need to set up hospital tour, im so not prepared for labor pains, aahh! We will literally be holding our girl soon!! And then on the outside I'm totally just cool like I got this lol 🙂🙃