I cant believe he did this!

so my husband has been battling kidney failure for almost four years. last month he finally got his kidney transplant! while on dialysis, between drs appointments, him not feeling good, etc. we were never really sexually active...( which was fine with me! hes going through something so life changing and never felt good. ) well he is finally home! the very first night when he came back, we had sex and it was great! over 2 months without it is a long time! Well.... last night I was asleep because I had to work early this morning. dead asleep. I was having a sex dream! My husband was flipping me over, taking of his boxers (my pjs) and started eating me out! and oh man! it was amazing! then he slowly slips his finger in and is rubbing my clit at the same time!

so then I'm starting to realize... IM NOT DREAMING!! THIS IS REAL!! I wake up and I'm so in shock! from there on out we of course continued and it was the best sex we have had in years! since he has gotten his transplant we are actively trying to conceive... best part is, I'm ovulating right now 😭😭😭

P.S. sorry if its TMI I dont have any girlfriends to share with!