Halloween Candy ‘just take 1’ bowl.. question in post..

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During trick or treat hours, sometimes homes that can’t hand out candy at the time leave a bowl of candy at their door that says ‘take 1 per person’.

POLL QUESTION: Should you following the sign and take one piece, or is taking the whole bowl fair game because there is nothing to stop you? Or is it something in between where you take more then the sign, but leave something for the next person?

Bonus questions:

1. If the bowl is on private property, and you take more then the sign allows, is it theft?

2. If you think the whole bowl is ‘fair game’, how do you explain to your kids that taking more then the sign says is ‘ok’ to do?

This is not meant to be super deep, just curious what CC would do with an unsupervised bowl of candy 😜

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