The stork helped me conceive


This has been a long stretch of trying for my partner and I. Over a year with no success... we finally got pregnant and i lost the baby 😕 it has been 10 months of actively trying again and still no luck. So my fiancé went out on a limb and purchased this in home in vitro kit from cvs... it was a little pricey and to be frank I was skeptical. I tested for ovulation and when I was positive we decided to use it... i tested 5 and then 4 days before missed period and got a negative. So I figured that was a waste but then 2 days before my period was due I spotted very light pink... no bleeding or continued spotting for the next 2 days so I decided to test and to my surprise I am pregnant... I firmly believe that the “Stork kit” is what helped me conceive... sending baby dust and best wishes to those who are still trying and congrats to those who are already pregnant 🤗