Help 😭


my baby is a week old and still wont latch, I feel defeated. I have roommates that I dont want to be woken up by his screaming so I give him formula. The thing is, I've been buying ready to use enfamil a+. I cant keep buying it because I've spent 160$ in a week on it feeding him a bottle (59ml) every 3 hours. The 59ml doesn't cut it anymore, he wants more and my milk production is slow. I'm stressing now and need to figure out a plan. Even bought a manual pump and an electric, could only pump 1 oz in over half a hour. Plz help, I feel so letdown. Even bought a nipple shield, he latched then got frustrated because barely any milk came out. What can I do for milk production? What is a good formula? Is it normal to give more than 2 ounces every 3 hours??