My boyfriend isn’t holding up his end of our agreement 😐‼️

I need some opinions ladies 😔 so, I’m 22 and my boyfriend is 27. We both are still living with our parents and we both have full time jobs. My problem is, we both want to move out of our parents homes but it seems as if I want it more, or as if he doesn’t care at all. It’s only me, my mom, dad and my cat living in my parents 3 bedroom house. In his parents place is him, his 40 yr old sister, his 38yr old brother, his sister-in-law, his 2yr old nephew, his 20yr old sister, and his parents. All in a 3 bedroom house, you would think he would be trying to RUN out of a packed house like that, right? Wrong 🙃. So.. we’ve had an entire conversation about the area we want to move to, budget, and time frame. This convo happened around July of this year. We agreed to pool money every 2wks until we have a sufficient amount of money to start doing walkthroughs and making concrete decisions on an apartment. Problem is, since then I have been doing my part faithfully up until this day. My bf on the other hand, has not. In August he went to Jamaica, an event called Dream Weekend, where it’s literally 2-3 parties a day for a whole week. Okay, cool. Now, he’s been to this same event last year and now he’s already putting money down to go again next year. Now, I’m not saying that he can’t spend his money but at least handle your part of our deal. The trip easily runs one person at the least $2000 🙄. I don’t know how to talk to him about it without being angry or if I should even feel any kind of way at all 😖