So I asked him

I asked my child’s father who I’m pregnant by .. why don’t you want to be involved with with this pregnancy or me while I’m pregnant..

he replied “You being pregnant has nothing to do with what you do and say dont include pregnant in your question as if its a deal breaking key point”

This is the only message I’ve gotten outside of him since I’ve found out I’ve been pregnant he wants nothing to do with me because I got smart with his mom last time I seen him .. I’m currently homeless an she had said she couldn’t house me but I housed him when she couldn’t take care of her own son an when I found out I was prego she told me to basically get out of her house .. haven’t seen my so called s/o since. he doesn’t call or text nothing . He didn’t even show up for my 1st ultra sound 🤦🏽‍♀️ his excuse was he has to work .

I’m not emotionally but I don’t understands what I did to deserve this because it’s not like I made this baby myself.