I don’t like who my husband had become

We’ve been married for ten years and I just had our sixth baby three months ago. About 2 years ago my husband started exercising. He’s never been even remotely over weight, he just wanted to get toned. Well, now he exercises for hours each day and foes on intense mountain bike rides and participates in mountain bike races. He has gained a lot of muscles, lost a lot of body fat and looks great. Remember, I just had SIXTH baby THREE months ago. I’m far from fit, and I’m very insecure. So here’s where me not liking who my husband has become comes into play. He walks around shirtless all the time, takes selfies of his body and flaunts it to me all the time. He says things like ‘look at these abs’ and acts really arrogant. He eats healthy and is very disciplined with his diet, no sugar at all. I eat healthy as well but at a bday party a few days ago, I had a piece of cake. He told me how much sugar was in it, how bad it was for me, how I’ll never get skinny by eating that crap. This is all new behavior for him. He used to compliment me all the time. Encourage me, support me and listen to me. Another thing, when he works out for hours every day, guess who’s dealing with the kids and the house? Me! No help. And when I get pissed because I’m exhausted and stressed and overwhelmed, this moron can’t figure out why!

Today I told him I’m not happy but I don’t know if he really gets it. Any suggestions? I’m really at a loss. I want to feel that love and connection again. I miss my husband!