PMS - serious mood swings!


So I've been wondering if I should write about it, but lately this thing started to be a bit too troublesome.

My PMS is pretty terrible, because I tend to cry very often and without reason. I used to think it's completely normal, but for a couple of months it has been unbearable: I'm severely depressed, I have problems with sleeping, with getting out of my bed, going to school, to work, getting almost anything done. I just lay down and cry for a week every month!

A bit of background information: I used to deal with depression, social anxiety and panic attacks. I stopped taking medicines about a year ago and it was pretty good, but for the last three months when the PMS hits, it all comes back: people terrify me, I'm crying all the time and I'm even having suicidal thoughts. I mean, it all hits me a week or so before my period, and two days into the period it stops and the rest of the month is ok.

I just don't know what to do. Should I see the doctor about it? And if so, which one: gynecologist or psychiatrist? Or maybe it's just a normal PMS, especially given my history with emotional unstableness?

I'll be grateful for all your responses. ❤️