Am I being unreasonable in this friendship??

So from the beginning. I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks back in June. We went for our 12 week scan at 11wks3ds and the woman couldn’t find the heartbeat, our baby measured 11wks3ds so died that morning/day before.

My friend at roughly the same time was pregnant, her boyfriend cheated on her at their friends wedding and so she had an abortion as her boyfriend didn’t want a baby and she was scared he would leave her. She also didn’t feel ready to have a baby anyway. Which is completely her decision and I respect that, as much as I was hurting, she can do what she wants with her body.

However. I am now 4-5 weeks pregnant again and told her as some of my family live in France and the rest live 160 miles away and my partner left for army training today. She said she doesn’t want to hear anything about me being pregnant because it hurts her.

Now don’t get me wrong I understand that even though she had an abortion that it may still hurt and she may be upset about it but felt that was the right decision, fair enough.

But I do not respect her for making me feel like I’m not allowed to be happy for myself and being pregnant again after LOSING my baby. I was 100% prepared to be giving birth just after Christmas, I wanted my baby and never doubted that at all. She made the decision to abort her baby, I didn’t make her do that. But she basically turned around and told me she doesn’t want to be friends with me if I keep the baby because she doesn’t want to be around pregnant women or babies.

Am I being unreasonable, at all? Or is she??