I need big sis advice pls

So backstory:

There’s this guy that I’ve liked for a year now and his parents are really good friends with my friends. We see them just about every month and it is the only thing I look forward to because I like him so much. I have never had a bigger crush on anyone in my entire life. The problem is he is 3 years older than me (I’m 14). So like it’s not going to happen but it sucks so much. I mean why did I fall so hard for this guy? I don’t know what to do. But so seeing him has been what’s gotten me through so much stuff that’s happened this year. But that’s all going to be taken away when my dad starts his new job (basically the guy goes to church where we go when my parents are working, when my dad starts his new job he will no longer be working on Sundays, therefore I will not get to see this guy but maybe twice a year). Which really really really sucks because I like him so much. Idk what to do. Reading back this sounds so stupid but if anyone has any advice or anything besides the average “you’ll get over it” that would be great. Thanks in advance.